In like manner man's speech this alludes to Hair Weaving or Hair Fixing or Hair Bonding.

This procedure commensurates with a general assessment of the degree of baldness.Some perceptions are made on assessing existing thickness, thickness of the held hair, and solace on surrounding temperature for the patient and the patient's desires.

There are extensively three techniques that are typically received to settle a unit

Weaving Methodology

Hair Weaving Treatment - A track is set up with one's own current hair, strengthened with a cured string and utilized as a base to weave the outside connection or the hair piece which is a similar shading, thickness and thickness as the first hair. At that point it is cut and styled in light of the contributions from the patient perhaps his past photos or a style that suits his present look could be executed. This system needs visit to the facility perhaps once in a few months relying upon how quick the hair of the patient develops. At that point on his consequent visits the unit is pleasantly cleaned overhauled and reestablished in a similar shape once more.

Silicon Gel Adhesive System

Individuals who lean toward not to evacuate these hair toupees, procedure of estimations and base choice being the same choose this more for comfort and lesser administration issues. These customers thought must visit the office frequently for a subsequent administration where the cement is strengthened each second month relying upon how much the perspiration. These individuals are likewise given an alternative of purchasing the silicon gel independently if there should arise an occurrence of home utilize.