How often will I need to get my extensions adjusted?

Depending on how thick or fine your hair is and what you do with the extensions yourself, will depend on how often you need to adjust the extensions. Generally, we recommend between 5 – 7 weeks for fine hair and 7 – 8 weeks for thicker hair. Maintenance is something to consider when thinking about hair extensions.

Can you put my extensions in that I already have/purchased from somewhere else?

Unfortunately, we only put in our own hair extensions, using our method. We also don’t remove other types of hair extensions, such as glue or tape. We ask that you have all residue removed before your visit to Eden to avoid any additional charges.

How long will the hair last?

Some of our clients get up to 18 months out of the hair, but it really depends on how the hair is looked after. Factors such as home care, heat styling and colour will play a huge role in the longevity of your extensions. Generally, we see clients get between 8 and 12 months out of a set.

Can I still put my hair up?

Yes absolutely. You can put your hair up as you usually would. We make sure there is enough of your own hair on the exterior to cover the extensions when they are put up.

Are they uncomfortable?

When the hair extensions are initially put in or adjusted, they are very close to the scalp and can be uncomfortable, mostly when sleeping for the first one or two days. After this they settle in and become more and more comfortable as they move further away from the scalp.

Are there any special requirements for caring for the extensions?

We recommend for the longest life of your extensions:

  • Brushing your extensions thoroughly from roots to ends (yes you can brush right over the top of the beads) each day, using a soft bristle brush
  • Using a high moisture shampoo and conditioner, leave in treatment and heat protection spray
  • Always making sure your hair is 100% dry before going to bed. If you go to bed with wet or damp hair, it will be unmanageable when you wake up. Always make sure it has been dried beforehand
  • Using Invisibobbles when tying your hair up to prevent damage
  • Avoiding the pool or ocean, or if not able to, washing and treating as soon after as possible
  • Using a nourishing moisture and Plex treatment once a week.